Multiplex Mode ( +CMUX )

the documentation for the Q2687 describes how to set up multiple Data Links over 1 physical UART ( using the the +CMUX AT command). I can configure and use this with the Wavecom MuxConfTool no problem.

The documentation also states that the CMUX functionality is only supported over the physical UARTs, NOT over a virtual USB-Serial port.

I’m wondering if there is any possible way of setting up multiple channels over a virtual USB-Serial port.

I’d like to be able to send/recieve AT control commands during an established Data link(in online mode). Is this in any way possible if the only connection with the Q2687 is over a single virtual USB-serial link

Of course it’s possible - it just (sic) means that you’d have to implement the multiplexing yourself… 8)

so you’re saying the Q2687 does support multiplexing over the USB-serial link? I’m in the process of implementing the multiplexing right now but i could find out when I’m done that the wavecom documentation is completely accurate and the wireless cpu won’t support multiplexed communication, whether i write it myself or not. I was hoping someone with more intimate knowledge of the device would be aware of the accuracy of the documentation. Is it possible to establish multiplexed communication over a USB-serial link even though the documentation says no?