Multiple Configurations: Which One is Active?


OK, so my project now has multiple Configurations.

I can’t see any obvious indication of which one is currently active!

I have to pull-up the list on the ‘Build’ button, or look in the Project’s context menu at ‘Build Configurations’

What am I missing?


Yeah, that’s got me a few times:

Change code.
Program device.
Why isn’t it doing what I expected? Oh yeah, I was building the wrong configuration.

An always visible indication would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, that mistake is easy enough to make at the best of the times - which is why it seems so incredible that there is no clear indication!


I’m sure you already noticed that the active build configuration is the checked one when looking at the drop-down list of the “hammer” build button in the toolbar.

But since it didn’t seem clear enough (after all, maybe you didn’t noticed it…), we already made an enhancement in 1.1.2 to add a visual decorator to the active build configuration output folder.

Just for you, a confidential sneak peek of the 1.1.2 project explorer :wink:


Yes, that’s what I meant by, “pull-up the list on the ‘Build’ button”

It’s not that it’s unclear - it’s that it’s invisible unless you spcifically go to look for it.


<very-happy smilie doesn’t work>


While this is definitely an improvement, I would prefer something a bit more like you get in visual studio. The toolbar indication is preferable, because it is always visible. The target output folders in the project explorer often get pushed off the bottom of the screen, so are not clearly visible.


Similarly with Keil: