It's the Wrong Console, Gromit!


The ‘Console’ tab doesn’t keep correctly in sync with the rest of the “perspective”:

  • After a build, when I switch to the Target Management perspective to download & run it, the ‘Console’ still has the build output - it doesn’t change to the AT Commands until I click the COM port in the list
  • When switching back from Target Management to the Open-AT perspective, the ‘Console’ usually switches appropriately - but not always…


Mine normally switched correctly, however if you are busy building, you can’t switch to the AT commands, it automatically switches to the build output. I have to wait for the build to complete before I can type AT commands again.


You maybe should play with the “new console view” and “pin console” buttons, allowing you to keep separated and “fixed” consoles for AT commands and build.
However, we’re aware of that weird switching behavior, and have a look to enhance it.


I always wait for the build to complete; otherwise I wouldn’t know when it had completed - nor if it succeeded!


True, but sometimes I get impatient :slight_smile:


I always keep both consoles open and pinned to their respective outputs. That way I can monitor running code and compile at the same time.

My personal preference is two monitors: the left (primary) is for code editing and compilation (project explorer, outline, compilation console, problems, and code windows), the right is for runtime monitoring (ST console and Traces view).

This has proven productive for me, but as always, personal preference.


I’d like to do that, but haven’t worked out how (admitedly, I haven’t searched very hard).

In the Target Perspective, I can get (say) the traces to float out and be on a separate screen from the rest of DS but, when I switch to the Open-AT perspective, the traces disappear. :frowning:

How do you keep them visible?


You should have a look to the magic Window > New Window menu, allowing you to have both Open AT and Target Management perspectives opened at the same time, on several monitors :wink:


Any news on that?

The problem mostly occurs when switching from Open-AT to Target Management perspective.

Usually, when switching from Target Management back to Open-AT perspective, the Console does switch correctly. But sometimes it doesn’t! And, when it doesn’t, the only way to fix it seems to be to pick the correct console from the drop-down list.


In the drop-down list, ‘TMConsole’ and ‘C-Build’ console types are distinguished - so it should be possible to automatically pick the right one to go with the current perspective… :question:


Should be fixed in 2.1.0, where we’ve enhanced the separation between “TM” consoles and the other ones.


Glad to hear this is fixed, was major source of annoyance :wink:
Any idea when 2.1 is about to come out?


It’s a matter of days; planned within the end of August.