Howto Autorefresh Problems (or any other) view

Good day,

Since I am very new to this attractive IDE, I like to ask for a solution of a very basic issue:

When I create a sample project, I noticed that there are some warnings. When I solve those
warnings in the editor, nothing happens. The project is set as build automatically, but the
Problems and Console views are not updated. So I do not know if I correctly fixed the issue…

The only way to solve this, is to clean and build the project, but that is of course just a
work-around not a solution.

Thanx for your reponse,

Ischa Berghuis van Winden

As the compilation process can be long, the project build is actually not automatic. You have to require the build (clean shouldn’t be necessary) by using the hammer button from the toolbar, for instance.

Thanx daav, that did the trick!

The purpose/need for project being ‘Build Automatically’ is a mystery to me,
you better remove this confusing feature. Or solve it and truly build on the fly
like in other modern IDE’s.

Anyway thanx again for the fast answer on this beginner question.