I may just be being thick, but I can’t seem to see an equivalent of the VisualStudio ‘Rebuild’ option - ie, single-click to recompile all the source files in the Project.

At the moment, it seems that I have to do ‘Clean’ first, then ‘Build’

What am I missing? :confused:

in my perception is does a build right after a clean…

or … it used to do that,
and it still should, according to the build settings.

No - mine is definitely not doing a build after a “Clean”

previous release did however.

I have:

Standard behaviour is to rebuild after a clean.
Maybe you have inopportunely modified an option which makes the C build not triggered after a clean.
Give a look to your project’s properties:
Properties > Builders > CDT Builder > Edit…
The “after a clean” checkbox should be checked (actually, the only one not to be checked should be “During auto builds”)

these are all checked (for the ones that i can edit)
and it still doesn’t work

And is the Build Automatically option of the Project menu still checked?

That fixed it :slight_smile:

but i don’t understand how that got disabled…