What does "Build All" actually mean??

I have created two Configurations:

  • [Target]_A
  • [Target]_B

But when I do ‘Build All’ only the Active configuration is actually built.

If I delete the [Target]_A and [Target]_B folders from the hard drive, they are both re-created when I do ‘Build All’ - but only the Active one actually gets any build output files put into it!

Is this the intended operation?
Or what am I missing??

The “Build All” menu comes from the standard Eclipse CDT, and indeed aims to build all your configurations in one click. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with M2M Studio Open AT application projects (due to our specific implementation); please note that it’s OK with library projects.
We are aware of that bad behaviour, and will probably fix that in a future release.

Thanks for that update.

Is there any way to build all Open-AT Configurations in one click, or does each one have to be built individually?

No way in the GUI, until the bug is fixed; is it a blocking issue for you?
You can build all configurations of a project in headless mode (by invoking m2mstudio.exe from the command line).
Cf. M2M Studio User Guide > Build System > Advanced Topics > Projects build in headless mode help page for more information.

Not really - I’ve only got 2 Configurations (maybe 3 soon), and would generally only be working on one at a time.