MP70 Wifi Issues

We moved from the OMG2000 and MG90 environment to the MP70 and Panasonic CF20’s. NEVER had any wifi issues with the previous gateways. Support says it is a windows update causing the issue (respectfully disagree), they can reproduce the issue but no fix. I have changed so many settings on the laptops (CF20) based off research, wifi channels, etc. and the wifi connection will randomly drop and not automatically reconnect. The crews have to manually reconnect and sometimes restart the laptop. The only thing that has changed is the MP70. It has the latest firmware and radio module. Running 3 SSID’s. one roaming so any laptop can connect (sometimes shows up with NO bars and auto reconnect gets disabled somehow), another SSID with the state ID # to see remotely what unit I am working on for updates, etc., and one for the Zoll X series (never had any issues with the Zoll connection). When I run netsh wlan show wlanreport
at the command promt I get this ---- Disconnect Reason:The network is disconnected by the driver. I have also updated the wifi driver (Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260) to the latest version. This issue is on ALL 16 gateways and 32 laptops. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @newberryb ,
According to your description, there is still an SSID for the Zoll X series and it works fine.
So please check your Windows laptop first, I could find some information from Windows relating to this issue and you can refer to the link below for detail. Hope that it will help you.


jerdung, I have tried those and no change, this is system wide (32 laptops and 16 gateways). I have read tons of articles and tried numerous settings and still have the issue. I have also noticed super slow speeds, for example. I was trying to download a 2.3mb file and it got to 1mb and quit. To me it all points to a firmware issue but I haven’t been able to prove it yet. Thanks