MP70 turning off ethernet port upon connection to Cellular

Good Afternoon,

To give an idea of the environment

I am attempting to set up an MP70 and hook it up to another in car Lan that is on a 10.1.100.XXX network. It is easier for another device on the network to handle DHCP.

Sierra wireless has a static IP of and a computer connected to it is also set at static of

soon after plugging in the cellular antenna, the port to the computer gets turned off. Any idea what is causing this?


Dear @Rmiksits ,

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In order to understand the problem, can you please provide answers to the following items:

  1. Which FM version is MP70 running?

  2. Can you please confirm whether the following screenshot describes your topology? If not, please draw your topology

  3. Please provide a screenshot of ACE Manager>Lan>Ethernet


ALEOS software 4.15.3 / and radio FM SWI9X50C_01.14.02.00 2e210b jenkins 2020/08/19 14:18:39

Below is the requested screen shot

and here is a little more in depth topology

I was hoping moving the sierra wireless over to a 10.1.100.XXX network would be easier than changing all of the other devices over to a 192.168.13.XXX network. I got it all to communicate until I plugged in a cellular antenna.

Thanks in advanced for your help.

I should add, I currently use port 4 for the computer, however, it does not matter which port the computer is plugged into, when it connects to cellular it seemingly shuts down whatever port the computer is plugged into.

after some troubleshooting some more today, I was able to get back into the MP70 without rebooting.

Basically, the port gets shut off as soon as I plug the cellular antenna in. I removed the antennas and then plugged into port one and it slowly let me back in. I thought the below screen was interesting.

For future searches, check and make sure IP Passthrough is disabled, that appears to have been the problem.