Setting up Mp70 for failover

I have read this failover article Configuring WAN Failover with a Cisco 881 Router and an AirLink ES440

But unsure if it applies to my situation.
What I want to achieve should be simple.
If the ethernet connection from the mp70 fails to see the network or internet; fail over to the cell.

Also I want the mp70 to have a static IP on the network, so I set that and restarted it, but it loses it upon reboot and I have to reset it to get back to the web page to manage it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I am encountering a similar issue, and would like to find a solution. I have made it so far that if the physical connection to the ethernet port on the MP70 is lost, the cellular connection picks up. However, if the gateway is down on the switch, but the physical link is still there, my cellular connection is not routing.

Thanks in advance for any help.

That’s exactly where I got up to then go distracted with other stuff, Your email reminds me to get back to it.

If I resolve it I will let you know

Are you still facing this problem?
I’ve tested on the latest firmware 4.12.0. Everything’s working fine
You can refer to my setting:

If you’re still facing this problem, could you share with me your MP70 configuration template?