Memory connection


I have a doubt about the connection of ST M36W0R5040T5ZAQ memory , the pin K2 (P2-CS) are connected to 1,8V in the schematic diagram of the WMP100 datasheet (figure 59: memory connection diagram), but in the ST memory datasheet this pin is DU (Do Not Use as Internally Connected)…

And now? What is correct?


We have designed a board on WMP100 with M36WOR5040T6ZAQF. I have tried to download the image to the memory using DWLWIN and it always prompt a "fatal timeout error. It seems that DWLWIN is not able to recognise or communicate with the flash. Initially DWLWIN seems to able to communicate with WMP100 and I was expecting it to show RAM size, Flash size and flash type but a timeout error appear instead.
Any idea how I can continue to debug?
And I understand in the evaluate board, it was using a M36WOR5030T type. Does the DWLWIN support M36WOR5040?



This probably indicates that you have a hardware fault (or design error) somewhere in your external memory…

As I understand it, the initial communication with DWLWin is handled by the WMP100’s internal bootloader (in ROM); so that will work irrespective of the external memory interface; it’s only when it actually tries to access the external memory - after that initial communication - that any external memory problems will become aparent!


Is there any way I can debug? Like using Jtag?



On the evalaute kit that I have, it come with M36WOR5030T0ZA (8Mbit RAM) and its pin K8 is NC (no connection). For M36WOR5040T4ZA (16Mbit RAM), this pin is CRp (configuration register input enable). Based on the reference, I have pulled up this pin. Does DWLWIN tested with M36WOR5040T4ZA?