MC8305 fixed gps signal

We are using a Fujitsu tablet with an integrated MC8035 modem. When starting up W8 for the first time, we don’t get a fixed gps signal. Even after a second start, a third… it does’t work. Only after enabling for once the mobile broadband (with sim card), it seems to fix the problem. After that, a gps signal is received without enabling the mobile broadband device, also after restart.

Because we have to install more than 1000 tablets, we have to know what is going on. Is it because we haven’t been patient the first time (how long do we have to wait ?), is it because enabling the mobile broadband for once is installing something which is necessary for a fixed gps signal ? We really don’t know. Could somebody help us out

Kind regards,

GPS first fix may take up to several minutes depends on the environmental condition.

By enabling mobile broadband, it allows downloading assisted data and may improve the time for first fix.

Otherwise, change the type of fix to MS-based may help speed up if data connection is available, also lower accuracy…

Hope this helps.