GPS slow to startup


I take a device that has a GPS fix and walk inside where I have no GPS reception and reboot the device, when I go back outside to a clear sky it can take 30 minutes for the GPS chip to wake up and give me NEMA data.

How might my intermediate driver be misconfigured to make this happen?


What device/GPS/Firmware versions are you using?


The first device has a UMTS Sierra Wireless MC8355:3050 with firmware D3200-STSUGN-1676 1.
The second device has a CDMA Sierra Wireless MC5728V Rev 1.0 with firmware 1.33.01:58005 and ESN 60ea3b5a.
Both can take ~15 minutes to find GPS the second and additional times.


The bug was caused by the wrong options to SetCommTimeouts(), the desktop version is different than the WinMobile.