GPS - Fix not obtained


I’m using a fastrack supreme modem with a gps module.
I upgraded the frimware to 73.a
and downloaded the simple sample opus I gps sample to the gps.
When I run at+wopen=1 the gps replies:
“GPS Sample: GPS Fix not obtained yet”

Help in this matter will be kindly appreciated

The key word there is “yet”: It takes a while to get a fix - especially the first fix.

How long did you wait?

Is your antenna in a good position to get a fix?

Is the antenna bias power turned on?

I have the same problem. I waited about ten minutes in the outdoor site, but still same message. What is the typical time one needs to wait?

Since Freek never bothered to reply to confirm what his/her actual problem was, how can you know that you have the same problem?!

Was it a good, clear site - ie, not under trees or in a “canyon” of tall buildings?

With a good, clear view of the sky, ten minutes should be plenty.

Is the GPS antenna (not the same as the GSM antenna) properly connected?

Is the GPS antenna power switched on?

Have you spoken to your supplier?

I mean, I get the same message :wink:

well, there were trees as well as tall buildings in the near - I’ll see if I find a better place for testing.

I should mention, I do not have an AirLink device, my device is a Wireless CPU with OPUS-III GPS module. I placed my question in this sub-board just because there was already this thread here. I’m not sure whether the GPS antenna power needs to be switched on manually, doesn’t the GPS Simple Sample App check this?

my supplier directed me to this board.

Are you sure that the Wireless CPU is correctly communicating with the GPS module?

Then that’s the first thing that you need to check!

IIRC, it doesn’t; but the source is provided - so you can check!

You also need to check that all the other configurations, GPIO usage, etc are correct for your particular application

That’s rather unhelpful of them!

It is their job to support you!

No, I’m not sure because I don’t know how to find that out. I would tend to assume that the fact that the application starts at all implies that communication is correct. I also tried QueryApp application that should display “+CME EROOR: 4” if “the feature is not enabled”, but it doesn’t display this error. Sending AT+CGPS command for set UART also does not return any error.

Traces tell me for both applications, that adl_fcmSendData() returns OK and erGetGpsState() returns ER_GPS_STATE_OK.

I don’t know how to do so.

I could, if I knew what the responsible line of code should look like. I guess, this should be some kind of AT command.

currently, I’m just testing GPS Simple Sample and QueryApp. My own application can be concerned when at least one of them works fine.

the do not seem to think so.

I think it would help if you described your background, what specific parts you are using, is this a custom hardware design, what you are trying to achieve, etc.