GPS can't fix - Fastrack Xtend (FXT002) + IO/GPS (FXTE01)

Dear ALL,

We are distributors to Sierra Wireless Routers in our country, and want to extend our services to Fastrack as well, we just received a Fastrack sample to test it, but I spent whole 3 days trying to get the first GPS fix, applying all possible solutions I know, but I failed in all my attempts.

Starting from the specifications:

Boot-loader: V08b0k
Firmware: R7.44
Open AT OS: 6.34


Developer Studio: 1.2
Open AT Embedded Software Suit: 2.34
C-GPS: 1.7

I compiled the Developer Studio/C-GPS v1 sample applications: QueryApp, QueryAppAiding and SimpleSample (some of them with minor warnings) and none of them got any fix, even for a 15 minutes in a clear sky open area.

Knowing that the GPS is already active depending in the following:

+WCFM: 00000471,0

And I already enabled antenna power using:


During all the tests, the GPS green LED flashes in the initialization phase, and then keeps its LED on, the console always indicates no fix.

Is there anything more I am missing? Is there a compiled, compatible and tested WDL version of any C-GPS v1.7 test program (in case the cause is the Developer Studio)? Is there any way to check that GPS antenna is functioning currently? Shall I bother Sierra technicals as it’s not common problem?

Any help would be appreciated! But please don’t simply say ask your distributor! as we are the distributors in our region.


So, surely, you should be able to obtain support direct form Sierra Wireless??!

He, he.

Sierra Wireless Support indicated that there is a bug in the 1.7 library. And we shall use the following AT command in order to enable UART2 port communication:


Well! This might be helpful for someone else, but did not fixed our problem at all.

Looking forward to hear something useful from someone other than this he-he-guy .

My problem solved by placing:

//Enable active antenna
	adl_atCmdCreate("AT+WHCNF=0,0", 0, NULL, NULL);
	adl_atCmdCreate("AT+WIOM=1,\"GPIO8\",1,0", 0, NULL, NULL);
	adl_atCmdCreate("AT+WIOW=\"GPIO8\",0", 0, NULL, NULL);

	adl_atCmdCreate("AT+WIOM=1,\"GPIO1\",1,0", 0, NULL, NULL); //CGPS 1.7 bug workaround

After the call of AppInitCoreGps() inside the adl_main() in my AT project.

Big help for me, hamdi. Many thanks. I’m working with a FXT003.

where is this example the C-gps? i don’t see

greeting from Mexico :wink:

where is this example?


If you have installed the Sierra Wireless software suite package, you
would find the C-GPS plug-in folder inside Sierra Wireless->Embedded Software folder, in my case its :
C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Embedded Software\com.wavecom.openat.ide.spm.lib.plugin.model.C-GPS-OPUS-I.

so inside the resources->C-GPS-OPUS-I->samples folder you will find the
different examples for the C-GPS plug-in.

Extension board GPS FXTE01 for FXT002 doesn’t work. Function erPvtIsFix(erPvt) returns 0. The program is initialized, retrieves data from the UART2, but the Structure erPvtStruct * erPvt contains only 0x00. What is the problem?

2012/06/18;14:05:53:584;006;ADL;1;DATAGPS Data Handler: 17 17
2012/06/18;14:05:53:631;001;ADL;1;ErideDataIn Check
2012/06/18;14:05:53:631;002;ADL;1;ErideCore Enter 17
2012/06/18;14:05:53:631;003;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 27
2012/06/18;14:05:53:631;004;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 12
2012/06/18;14:05:53:647;001;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 11
2012/06/18;14:05:53:647;002;ADL;1;ErideCore Exit 0
2012/06/18;14:05:53:647;003;ADL;1;erPvt->pvtFixType 0
2012/06/18;14:05:53:647;004;ADL;1;erPvt->pvtLlaFilt[0] 0
2012/06/18;14:05:53:647;005;ADL;1;erPvt->pvtLlaFilt[1] 0
2012/06/18;14:05:53:647;006;ADL;1;erPvt->pvtLlaFilt[2] 0
2012/06/18;14:05:53:647;007;ADL;1;PrintCurrentFix sRet = -1
2012/06/18;14:05:53:678;001;ADL;1;ErideDataIn Check
2012/06/18;14:05:53:694;001;ADL;1;DATAGPS Data Handler: 17 17
2012/06/18;14:05:53:740;001;ADL;1;ErideDataIn Check
2012/06/18;14:05:53:740;002;ADL;1;ErideCore Enter 17
2012/06/18;14:05:53:740;003;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 27
2012/06/18;14:05:53:740;004;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 12
2012/06/18;14:05:53:756;001;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 11
2012/06/18;14:05:53:756;002;ADL;1;ErideCore Exit 0
2012/06/18;14:05:53:803;001;ADL;1;DATAGPS Data Handler: 17 17
2012/06/18;14:05:53:803;002;ADL;1;ErideDataIn Check
2012/06/18;14:05:53:803;003;ADL;1;ErideCore Enter 17
2012/06/18;14:05:53:803;004;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 27
2012/06/18;14:05:53:803;005;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 12
2012/06/18;14:05:53:803;006;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 11
2012/06/18;14:05:53:803;007;ADL;1;ErideCore Exit 0
2012/06/18;14:05:53:819;001;ADL;1;DATAGPS Data Handler: 30 30
2012/06/18;14:05:53:850;001;ADL;1;ErideDataIn Check
2012/06/18;14:05:53:850;002;ADL;1;ErideCore Enter 30
2012/06/18;14:05:53:850;003;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 40
2012/06/18;14:05:53:865;001;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 12
2012/06/18;14:05:53:865;002;ADL;1;AppWriteDiagSerial 11
2012/06/18;14:05:53:865;003;ADL;1;ErideCore Exit 0