GPS SW version not defined

Hello OpenAt Community,

I am having a problem with WGPSPOS on the 2501B. I know that there are satellites in view but when using AT+WGPSPOS from hyperterminal I am getting -1,0 every time. I have checked the GPS using the uBlox software on UART2 and it is working fine.

Also when using at+wgpsm=3 I am getting SW VERSION not defined - HW VERSION not defined.

Am i missing sometihing simple as I am new to Wismo and OpenAT?

Hi dkernan,

I suppose you work with the Wavecom development kit. You have to check the GPS LED which is located next to the green GSM one.

When the GPS is fixing, then its LED will blink red. Otherwise it will be always OFF.

Try to check this.


Hi Pelimon,

The Led is flashing red every second and so I should be able to get a position reading. I am using the development kit and have now inserted the 2 aditional modules that came with it but still have the same problem.

GPS is working fine when using the Ublox software with five satellites in view but then I swap back to UART1 there is just -1,0.

I do not have the precise answer, but I permit myself to suppose that you played a bit too much with your module configuration.

GPS port configuration is delicate and once you fix it correct, you shouldn’t touch it anymore :

-remove your module from the kit and then put it again (I am not sure of this)

  • type AT+WMFM = 0,2 to read the status : should answer
    0,2,2,0 means UART2 is disabled in order to allow GPS interaction

type AT+WGPSCONF=0,1 (= internal mode) and then AT+WGPSCONF=1,115200.
then AT+WGPSM=0,1 (turn ON)
then AT+WGPSNMEA=1 (see GPS activity)

if you see the NMEA flux it’s OK, otherwise… sorry.



Tried it, didn’t work.

The last module I inserted wasn’t played with so could there be a fault somewhere?

Found out the development kit was faulty. Had it changed and GPS is now working.