AT+WGPSPOS does not return ground speed

In my application, I am retrieving the GPS position using AT+WGPSPOS command, instead of using auxilary link. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to retrieve the ground speed. I am getting something like this:

+WGPSPOS: 2,195953.00,210706,3945.82500N,03030.24688E,460.1,3.26,247.39,7

The place where the ground speed should exist is surprisingly empty.

I am using Q2501B with version
651a09gg.Q2501B 1480856 113005 09:42

GPS firmware is
+WGPSM: SW VERSION 3.0 Feb 11 2004 13:59:43 - HW VERSION 00000040

Any ideas why I am not getting the ground speed?



Hi, there!

Any update on this topic? I’ve got the same problem with the same GPS firmware.
Does anyone now the solution? Is there any new firmware for Q2501 GPS ?

Thanks a lot,

Hi, this is my first post here.

Well, same problem here, the unique difference is that I am getting the ground speed, but this is completly wrong. I get randoms numbers such 1.7, 1.84, 1.3, and so on…

Firmware version is 6.55.

ps: at+wgpsm=3 doesn´t work here :frowning:

The same problem, ground speed is missing at all.
Q2501, 6.55, OpenAT 3.10.

Does anybody here know where the problem is??

you need to issuee a special command for having this feature contact your vendor for this