hi there,
has someone ever used the GPS function in OpenAT in Q2501?

yes, what are you interested in?


In fact you have acces to all the GPS - AT command with the Open AT. As usual all AT command are available throught Open AT with ADL command creat

Yes with the ADL API for GPS Service. It’s working well.
what are you interested in?

I cannot read the speed using q2501b.

Hello [color=blue]migabi

I don’t understand exactly what you mean :confused: , could you be a little bit more precise?

What exactly do you have problem with?
What different solutions have you already tried?


I guess what could be he’s problem.
If you don’t get the km/h use “speed_knots” value instead and you can convert it to km/h (* ~1.85) if you want.


Yes i’ve same pb with speed in Km/h and i have convert speed on knots to km/h.

But my question how speed is calculated in GPS because even in static state, i have after conversion a speed 0 to 5 km/h ~.


Hello Malek,

It is absolutly normal to have a low speed if your antenna is stationary. The error depends on your type of gps receiver and its settings, and on the gps signal conditions (obstructed view of sky, which cause multipath effect and degraded signal strength, constallation of the sats, etc…).


Does that mean I cannot use the Km/hr from GPS ??

If yes then whats the best way to convert the knots speed into Km/hr since both the speed values are in string format ?

Any suggessions?



I remember this Km/h problem in Open At 3.00. I think the later versions don’t have this problem. Maybe i am absolultly mistaken and i was only dreaming when i didn’t see the “km/h”. :slight_smile:

the conversion:

u16 km_h = (u16) (atof(adl_gpsSpeed.speed_knots) * 1.8519984);


Thanks tomalex.

Seems all ok to me :slight_smile:


Hello, may you know where to buy Q2501B DK in europe?

Thanks a lot