Hi people,

is there an ADL internal function for sending RAW data to the GPS ? I am looking for a function which makes the same as the command AT+WGPSRAW but with faster reaction.

Does anyone know this very detailed point ?

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Stefan Pelimon


I dont think there is an other command for that. Is AT+WGPSRAW slow?

If you would like to use the internal GPS of q2501 as a full u-blox GPS receiver, you can use it in external mode with an additional controller. Or a morbid idea, the you use the GPS in external mode through UART2 connected to the GPS serial link. :slight_smile:

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Hi Tomalex,

thanks for the support,

I must say yes, that AT+WGPSRAW is some kind of slow command. If you have to send a sequence of commands, you must give them “air” by using adapted timers…

At least it will force me once more to make proper coding.


Stefan Pelimon