Can´t get information from GPS

Hi! I would like to know if is there any service that when it´s subscribed the GPS Service stops to work well…

The application I´m working on has several services:

  • Keyboard
  • GPRS
  • GPIO
  • SMS
  • GPS
  • UART2

As the application is growing the Module´s GPS Led don´t even blink anymore.

The time I was working with only: GPRS, GPS, TIMER, GPIO, SMS… everything was just fine.

After the keyboard and the UART…never worked again…

Any ideas can be very helpful!



If you activate UART2 on Q2501 (with AT+WFM), then the GPS can be used only in external control mode (AT+WGPSCONF=0,0).

When you are in external control mode, there is no access to GPS using AT commands or Open AT API (only external access through the GPS serial port of Q2501 module).

The command AT+WGPSCONF must be set this way:

To use it:

-Stop your application with WOPEN=0
-Reset the module

Then use it…