Problem with inaccurancy $GPRMC speed field

When I using Q2686H EVK + Standard QueryApp sample to test GPS navigation ability, something strange.

When $GPRMC tell me my position is fixed, I found the speed field which include in $GPRMC stream is always show ZERO speed, but actually I am moving.

Does anyone have the same experience?

PS: I used ARM ADS compiler for Standard QueryApp sample.

Best regards

Same here…

The speed is sometimes zero for long periods (even though the fix is achieved, and the position is correct). In this case the altitude is also bad, it’s “frozen” (the same incorrect value is kept for long time).

However, with my application this is not always the case, it just happens from time-to-time, but for long periods (up to half on hour).

I have the same configuration, but I’m using GCC.

This is surely not a conversion problem, as the speed value is OK when it is given…

Any ideas?

I can confirm that. Velocity is always zero