Problem with: "GPS FIX NOT ACHIEVED"



i runed QueryApp sample on my Q2687… everything goes fine but when i try get data from it it return in sms:GPS FIX NOT ACHIEVED.

Any idea why? I checked GPS antennes cable, eveything look good.



When i set at+nmea=1 i can see data from cgps in terminal…
But still get the same message :frowning:
Data from termial looks that:



Hello yarns,

The message “GPS FIX NOT ACHIEVED” is sent by the application when the Query App has not yet received the complete GPS fix (only partial information is available which might not be accurate).

The “GPS FIX” is indicated by the character “A” (which means valid) in the “$GPRMC” NMEA sentence. This character is present as the second field in the $GPRMC sentence. If the value of this field is “V” it means that the GPS fix has not been achieved and the information is not accurate.

From the logs sent by you, it can be seen that indeed the GPS fix is not achieved by your Wireless CPU. This is indicated by the following NMEA:
(Please note the ‘V’ in the second field of the above sentence indicating invalid fix).

In such a case, you should wait for sometime or adjust the GPS antenna so that there is no hinderance between the antenna and the sky. (It works for me).

Send the Query SMS after some time and you will see that you get the correct GPS information.

(Please note that the NMEA sentences sent on the UART for debugging are sent in all the cases (even if the GPS fix is achieved or not) and are sent so that any external application (like UBlox) can be used to interpret the NMEA and provide graphical interface providing information about your position, velocity, time, altitute etc. )

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.


Thank you… Now everything is clear :slight_smile:



Hi all, Im Hoa from Vietnam. I newly learn programming Open AT, I have sample Fast track supreme20. I sent INFO:CGPS: But return in sms: GPS FIX NOT ACHIEVED. On target:
You give help to me


Hi Hoa,

It seems you don’t have a valid fix yet:

You should wait longer for a fix or maybe change the location of your antenna for a better signal.


Thanks Wismo_coder. I received satellite signal. Yesterday there iss 3 SMS with inaccuracy coordinate. Later I am on car run, 3 firsts SMS for wrong coordinate, I run with speed 40s km/ H, But on receive of 0 km / h. Again true Later item of newss,both coordinate and speed. today receive 1 SMS on true vehicle, now to In bureau then amiss come to 30 km. Who give help to me wherewith.