Evaluation board (EVBQUIK-GPS) is not responding



i’m using the evaluation board for WISMO Quick q2501b (EVBQUIK-GPS). Since i tried to run the “Hello World” project as embedded application my board is not responding anymore. It’s no longer possible to build up a connection with the Terminal Emulator and to use AT commands. The red LED for GSM status should be blinking but is always off. Any ideas? :frowning:


Did you download the arm_Hello_World_16.dwl or gcc_Hello_World_16.dwl file? This is because, in B memory modules (i.e. Q2501B), you need to download the arm_Hello_World_32.dwl or gcc_Hello_World_32.dwl file.

The files having a suffix of 16 is for A memory modules.

If this is the case, then you should download the AT firmware once again using the DWLWin utility. If you don’t have this tool, contact your Wavecom contact person to provide you one.

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Thanx for your reply!
I’m using Q2501B and GCC compiler. I used the OpenAT Project Wizard to create the “Hello World” project and after compiling files with a suffix of 16 are not even created, only the 32 ones. So i used the right file but since i downloaded the file “gcc_Hello_World_32.wpb” with DWLWin nothing works anymore. Where can i find the AT firmware and how do i have to install it?


Please contact your Wavecom contact person (Wavecom interface from where you purchased the module) to provide you the firmware and the DwlWin utility.
You should also check the version of Open-AT being used and the firmware version that is present in the module. This is because, if you download an Open-AT application which is not compatible with the version of firmware that is present in the module, then also problems are experienced.

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