MC7750: EVDO/CDMA 800/1900 MHz

Hello, I have two questions hopefully someone can assist.

  1. I’m trying to pull ESN number of Sierra MC7750 for EVDO validation. So far I have attempted AT commands with no success, I found slight documentation saying AT!CGSN will pull ESN (of course this was for a CDMA modem) but MC7750 returns IMEI.

  2. Also is there a current form of PST tool for Sierra MC7750 chipset for MIP profile?

Thank you.

edit:: for item #1: AT+CGSN


Is AT!GSN command also giving the same result.


Dear Rex_alex,

Correct, the AT+GSN command also returns only IMEI number but not ESN.
Same as the AT+CGSN command.