another issue with MC7710

I have several modem that doesn’t work for me
get this error massage(IMG)

also when I connect it to the Mini Card DEV Board I can see the modem but on the IMEI number I get :

how could it be ?

the version I use is :

the other modem do work with the same SIM and everything

maybe there is a way to duplicate a working SIM and upload it’s setting to modem that doesn’t work?

Thanks ,

Hi David,

Seems like network reject as IMEI invalid on that MC7710,
e.g. the IMEI number reported by module does not match the one on the label.

Do you remember was it changed recently? Any specific failure faced before?


no ,
this is how I got this
as I put the modem in the Dev Card - this is what I got
is there any way I can do reset to the modem? and make it show the real number?
maybe upload startup firmware ? or something else
or is it something that not good inside the modem and there is nothing I can do about it?
just to return to sierra so day will fix it?

Thanks ,