MC7710 Windows 10 driver not working?

I’ve got a Fujitsu Lifebook E752 with an MC7710 mini-PCIe wireless module.

In principle, things should be simple to get working, however, none of the drivers I am installing (neither from Fujitsu nor from Sierra itself) actually seem to work for my modem, despite it reporting to the computer as MC7710. The drivers say they’re supposed to work on windows 10, so that’s not it either

Can anyone enlighten me as to what’s going on?

what do you see in device manager now?

Even after installing the driver, the MC7710 is marked as an unknown device

to verify if your module is working fine, you can install linux virtual machine and see if it can enumerate AT command port in linux PC

I’ve verified that beforehand, while it fails to connect to a mobile network, it definitely gets recognized, and as with windows, I think this is just a question of finding the right drivers.

Linux also recognizes it as an MC7710, so if there is a fault with the module, it’s not apparent right away.

other user can at least see a module in Fujitsu Lifebook E752:

Other user can find fujitsu lifebook U772 can work with MC7710:

You might need to check with Fujitsu