MC7710 driver

were can i find driver for MC7710 for win7 Embedded standard 32 bit.

I download one version from Sierra site but network card are not recognised.
Can someone help me?


You can try installing watcher or else contact your distributor to get the drivers…


I’ve purchased a MC7710 from for a Fujitsu E743 because in Belgium I could not source the Fujitsu branded module.

Now the Fujitsu driver for MC7710 does not recognize my module and Windows 7 64 bits device manager shows the module with a problem (driver missing).

Can someone point me to the driver and the watcher software so that I can browser the Internet via the MC7710 ?


For the MC77x0 driver, see: … reless.asp

This Windows driver and watcher ought to work for both MC7700 and MC7710. The MC7710 can be in QMI or DirectIP mode. For this driver it has to be in QMI which is most likely the state it is in already.

Also if you are on an older firmware, you can get the 3_5_24_0 firmware for your MC7710 from the Sierra Developer page (no distributor or FAE required).