Sierra Wireless Watcher (generic)


Hi, I’m testing a new MC7710 LTE module. I’ve installed correctly the latest driver on my Win7 system, and the COM ports are installed fine.
I’m searching for the (famous) Sierra Wireless Watcher application, but I’m unable to download it from developer site.
I need that application to quick test the module, inserti SIM pin code, look at the signal strenght and so on…
Where I can download latest Watcher application??




You are not unable to download means :question: are you getting any error :question:

You can ask your distributor for the watcher application.



I’m unable to find WHERE to download the Generic Watcher application.
Any link under MC7710 support page, neither in generic application support.

The only link I’ve found on SW site is this … B_308.aspx
with Watcher ver 3507.

I’ve an old version 3004 used with MC8790 but I’d like to download latest version available.

Do I need to ask to my distributor?!? Why not publish it on support site?!?




the software references related to MC cards are not yet fully uploaded. For now, you can contact your distributor.