LOOKING for the correct driver for MC7700


I am running Windows 7 and I am having trouble installing a driver for the MC7700. I don’t know which driver works. I have 7 MC7700 cards and installed them in 3 Panasonic CF-31 TOUGHBOOKS and ran the driver install and the AirCard Watcher install on them and they were all successful. I did the same on the next 4 laptops and the AirCard Watcher is not seeing the MC7700. I installed the driver and watcher program the exact same way as the first 3. But for whatever reason, these last 4 don’t like the install. :confused:

What could be the problem ?

Urgent. :blush:


About that specific driver, you could install latest EM/MC Sierra drivers from sierra website. Have you tried below tools instead

techship.com/downloads/sierra-w … uild-4442/


Hello Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have actually tried to download that. And have downloaded that one the working ones. It works on the working ones but not on the other 4. :cry:

IT’S OKAY though, the MC7700 cards that I received are found to be incompatible with the Panasonic toughbooks. The supplier updated me. I am getting a new batch.

Your help is appreciated.

Hi crisys,

I am having the same issue with Panasonic CF-31 Toughbook. Which driver did you end up using for the 4 that didn’t work?