Panasonic CF-53 and EM7355

my company has ordered the Panasonic toughtbook CF53 with embedded cards for forever. This week I have one that I can not get the drivers to install.
the drivers start to install then fail. it is almost like the laptop installs the software then searches for the hardware and then does not find it. one thing that is different then in the past is that this unit has an intel wireless card in it. Intel dual band wireless-AC7260. we have Verizon wireless as the carrier. the sim is inserted and enabled.
we would like to user the watcher app for the broadband access…

here are the specs…
Panasonic CF-53
win 7 64 bit.

sierra wireless airprime
model EM7355

any ideas?


Have a good day. Did you check when you install that device what are shown inside Device Manager ? Did you see “unknown” or something about “qualcomm” devices. If shown that means no related drivers are installed and if not shown that means that module doesn’t recognized by system. By right shouldn’t be any pin to be taped, but you can try tape pin #8 (hardware disable). Did you install latest drivers from sierra source ?.