MC7710 VID & PID change

Hi all,

I have Sierra MC7710 miniPCI-E modem and HP EliteBook 2740p notebook.

In original, the Qualcomm Gobi 2000 card installed in this notebook.

I replaced it with MC7710 card, but it doesn’t work because of WWAN Whitelist BIOS restriction (notebook does not start and display BIOS error “unauthorized WWAN”). In a word, any WWAN cards can work in this notebook only if their’s VID/PID stored in the BIOS whitelist.

Unfortunately, there is no way to patch BIOS or disable WWAN restrictions on this notebook model.

Can I change VID and PID of my MC7710 for bypass “WWAN Whitelist” and get this card work with my HP notebook?

As example, my MC7710 have VID 1199 and PID 68a3 and “whitelisted” Gobi card have VID 03F0 and PID 251D.
I need to change MC7710’s VID and PID to 03F0/251D, and then, I hope, notebook will boot and MC7710 card will work (of course, i will change VID/PID in driver .inf file too).

Can anyone help me with this modification?

Thanks in advance.

it is not recommended to change VID\PID of a module. if you change the PID, there is a chance that it will go to bad state.

you have to by module based on your requirement…


I know that it isn’t recommended, and I understand risk, but my question is - how to do this?


you can change the PID using the command AT!ENTERCND=“A710” followed by AT!UDPID=. before that you can check the supported PIDs of the module by AT!UDPID=?

As per my knowledge, there are no way to change the VID.
Again there is a chance that the module will go to bad state if you change the PID.


Unfortunately, changing only PID will not help.

By mistake I changed the PID on a MC7710 to 68B1 instead of 68A3,
Now the Windows USB driver will not recognize the device and I cannot set it to the correct PID.
Is there any way to rescue this device?

Thanks in advance,
Frank Bokhorst