Change VID

How do I change the VID on an mc7700? To replace my busted MC7700 I bought one on Ebay. Instead of Sierra Wireless’s vid of 0x1199 it has AirPrime’s vid of 0x0F3D. I got my drivers to work by editing the inf files but I am wondering if there is a way to reset the VID (analogous to updating the PID using the AT!UPDPID to switch from 0x68A2 to 0x68A3).

Hello, you need switch device to QMI/DIP mode. You can do that in two ways.

1/use mode switch tool …

2/manual change via AT commands

To change it to QMI mode, please use below:

AT!ENTERCND=“OEM password”

That’s a description of PID switching, which the OP obviously know how to do (referring to AT!UDPID). The request was for VID switching.

My guess is that is no documented way to do this. It is probably part of the device specific programming, like the IMEI number etc. And although I don’t really know, I do wonder if Sierra Wireless maybe actively use their 3(?) different VIDs to identify different modules sharing the same PIDs (68a2/68a3):

0f3d:68a2 - MC7700 in QMI mode
0f3d:68a3 - MC7700 in DirectIP mode
1199:68a2 - MC7710 in QMI mode
1199:68a3 - MC7710 in DirectIP mode
114f:68a2 - MC7750 in QMI mode
114f:68a3 - MC7750 in DirectIP mode

But I don’t know if this guess is correct or not. Confirmations or corrections are welcome.

In any case, there is absolutely no way you can change a MC7700 module into a MC7710 module. The differences are more than just a VID. Therefore I don’t understand the original request. What possible benefit is there changing the VID? Hmm, maybe fooling a BIOS whitelist? Yes, that could be a valid reason.

EDITed: fixed stupid VID/PID typo…

No I think new MC7700s have VID of 0x1199, corresponding to Sierra Wireless. I speculate older ones may have 0x0F3D, when the company was still AirPrime. Sierra Wireless acquired AirPrime for ~$20 million in 2003.

I do not think the VID is used to distinguish between an MC7710 and an MC7700 since VID is the Vendor ID, which is the manufacturer, and both MC7700 and MC7710 stem from the same vendor.

To make it even clearer: I own two working MC7700 devices. One has VID 0x1199 and the other VID 0x0F3D. Installing drivers is much easier when the VID is 0x1199 since no inf edits are required.

Since the hardware is the same I assume there must be some simple way to update the VID from 0x0F3D to 0x1199.



I am afraid you can’t just change VID…