MC7304 - possible to set manufacture ID?

Hi All,
Hoping for some assistance to get out of a jam. We have some 819H routers which we are trying to port with an MC7304 card to enable support for an Australian network which it is approved for.

According to the spec sheet, the devices do support these cards, and also the MC77xx which is what they were originally shipped with.
Problem we are having is that the router’s IOS is rejecting the card based on it’s manufacture ID and product ID. Is it possible to modify the manufacturer ID and product ID using the dev kit? Or does enyone know if this is firmware based and would have firmware to suit?

The response from the valid MC7710 modem (which we can’t use) is as follows :

Cellular modem configuration

Modem is recognized as valid
manufacture id: 0x00001199 product id: 0x000068A2
Power status: Active
Sierra Wireless Direct IP MC7710 modem

The other card responds as follows :

Router#show controller cell 0

Interface Cellular0

Cellular modem configuration

Modem is not recognized as valid
manufacture id: 0x00000000 product id: 0x00000000
Power status: Active

Appreciate any assistance you could offer.



The VID/PID of the MC7710 when in QMI mode is as you have found 1199/68A2, the VID/PID of the MC7304, by default, is 1199/68C0. Technically it possible to change VID/PID of the unit through the at!udpid command but until you can get your system recognizing the the unit on a basic level with the drivers installing I would not do this as they will treat the unit differently and you will be out of line of what the SWI firmware/drivers do which could make things different.

I do not know much about the Cisco routers but I assume they are running some form of Linux. If you could send the following to the unit

ls /dev
modinfo GobiNet
modinfo GobiSerial

It maybe that Cisco have themselves changed the VID/PID of the devices that they put into the routers in the factory and modified the drivers to work with that VID/PID, in which case it would be difficult to figure out what it needs to be as it will all be wrapped up in their implementation which would require support from Cisco. It might just be as simple as updating the Cisco firmware on the router which would come with update drivers, this is implied by the fact that it does not recognise the device in the first place.

To change the PID of the device check out the at!udpid command in the AT command manual for the MC73 series which is at the link below.

Precede the command with at!entercnd=“A710” if you don’t you will only be able to read the PID.

Hope that helps to get you further.