MC7304 use of Direct IP


i’m having a hardtime finding the documentation how to change from QMI to Direct IP on MC7304 i tried the same commands used on MC7710 without success.

Can someone help me out how to change from gobi device to sierra device, i’m using a linux debian system.

thanks in advance

MC7304 only support QMI. As I understand DirectIP will not be supported in any coming products.

Ok bad news for me then.

Not exactly.

MC7304 is “fat modem”. So you only need “serial/tty” connector. It done by kernel module. Till 3.16 (mine 3.02; Debian wheezy) it could be done by sierra module.

You just need change somethung:

p.s. Or you can use 3.16 backport kernel (wheeze-backports). Jessie support is out og the box.