MC7710 dont appear inside device manager

I have some MC7710 cards that about Windows not appear inside the device manager, no COM Port, no networkadapter no modem appear. So I cannot communicate with this cards. I have read that it is possible about Linux to comminicate with this cards. Did anyone have information about this way?

You can download the Windows or Linux driver from
On Linux make sure to blacklist the Qualcomm drivers as per the release notes.
you should also disable modem-manager

Hi and thanks, the problem is that the card dont accept driver, because it dont appear inside device manager. I have a lot of information about flashing firmware, use the correct driver for different systems, flash NVR.files and so on. But I dont found no information ho to reactivate a dead card

If the modem doesn’t show up in device manager. Or under lsusb in Linux then there is no way to recover it.

I think their must be a way. I know from Realtek a developer tool that is able to flash wireless cards new. I think that Sierra also has such tools, because if they produce the card it is also empty and they must flash firmware and nvr.file inside. So I hope someone has information how to flash an empty card


Oedenburger is right, if the unit does not show up on USB at all then there is no way to recover them especially given that the device has not been manufactured for 3 years.