MC7455 windows driver

please tell me ,Where can I get the windows driver . :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

It’s not noted on the Sierra Source site, but the latest Windows driver supports the MC7455 … uild-4277/

Note the references in this forum to modems getting locked in MBIM mode after being connected to Windows machines.

  1. This link of the drive can not be used MC7455 . In fact , i have a windows driver by my distributor. The driver gave me four interface(modem,DM,NMEA,Network) , but not AT interface , so i can not configure MC7455 .

  2. I use MC7455 in linux , my linux driver is “SierraLinuxQMIdriversS2.25N2.35.tar.bz2” , the driver must use RAWIP mode , otherwise the usb initialization will error(-14).
    If i use “RAWIP” mode , i can see “usb0”, but after configure apn and at!scact=1,1 , “usb0” still can not connect to the internet , “at+cgcontrdp” display ip address has been obtained .

Sorry about that, looking back I did indeed get the Windows drivers from Sierra. You’ll need to get it directly from them. Work through your distributor, as this forum doesn’t help much with anything not on the source site. The version I’m using is build4376_9x30 and does expose three serial ports under Windows 8.1. The third one accepts AT commands. But again, note that Windows may try to shift your modem into MBIM permanently if you’re not careful. I’ve heard there’s other ways to lock out the serial ports as well.

I haven’t tried the Sierra Linux drivers, but I’m using qmi_wwan successfully with some patches provided by the devs on that project. Last I heard this was going into Linux 4.5.

Thank you very much for your reply. Could you tell me your AT command configuration process.
My configuration process:
AT+ CFUN = 0
AT +CGDCONT=1, “IP”, “cmcc”
AT+ CFUN = 1

The following command can be shown to have access to the base station:
+CGACT: 1,1

+CGCONTRDP: 1,5,cmcc,,,

+cops: 0,2,“46088”,7

But my “usb0” can not connect Internet ,even if I configure the static address.

Sorry, can’t help much there. Under Windows I just use the Sierra Watcher software, and under Linux I just use QMI commands under qmi_wwan.

Hello Mr/Ms Luifei,

Have a nice day and pleased to meet you. I’m (zainul) from Malaysia and in the process try to install MC7455 on X220T but as of now not successfull. Prior to this I was installed MC7304 on X220T where it’s running fine as well as could get into internet with 4G LTE. Could you share me that driver as you have mentioned or could you provide me (us) a specific link (if exists), in order for us to download that specific driver (MC7455). I’ve a private email (