MC7455 problem on DELL E7270


I have MC7455 installed on DELL E7240 running Ubuntu 17.05. This module are shown inside “lsusb” (please refer to attach) but only one device “/dev/ttyUSB0” are shown. Does this MC7455 module could be recovered ? Or already broken ? If could be recovered, could someone show me all the steps


Hi zabo2480,
Does it work before on this Dell laptop and Ubuntu? Any specific operation to face this issue?

Showing only 1 port maybe driver issue or the device is in recovery mode.
If it works normally but suddenly enter this state I would try re-download FW.




Thanks for you input. Actually this module was at “BootLoader” mode when installed on windows 10. I’ve tried to recover this problem by installed on Ubuntu where only shown single port only “/dev/ttyUSB0” which means at “diagnostic port”. I would like to know either this module (MC7455) already broken or still can be recovered.



Hi zabo2480,

So does it works before on your Dell? As there maybe some incompatible issue with specific laptop.
If it works before then a better chance to recover by re-download the firmware using Windows .exe tool: