MC7430 is not working or any HW issue on my schematics ??

Hello Experts,
I have problem with MC7430 chip and I interfaced to host via one of the USB port on USB2.0 Hub.
Now the problem is that MC7430 chip is not working/detecting.
What could be the problem ?
Any problem with SIM card section or problem with using of schottky diode or any ??
BTW, I have checked the VBUS and got the voltage there and other USB ports are working fine.
I have attached the schematics for your reference and can you please pointout the errors in HW ?
If its possible to share any schematics or reference board which uses the same chipset interfaced with USB2.0.
Thanks for your support.


Have a good day. Which OS ? … IF windows OS which releases ? . If Windows OS does “unknown device” ? which means correct drivers were not installed. You can try taping pin #20.

Thanks for your reply.
I am interfacing this MC7430 chip with Linux OS.
Can you pls check/verify the schematics that we followed the suggestions.
Can you please share me the application note of any guide for HW connection recommendation of this chip ?
Thanks for the help.


Have a good day and thanks for your input. I have the same module class (MC7455) and believe your MC7340 module is for Australia or China. Currently my MC7455 was installed on DELL E7420 running Ubuntu and running fine with latest Sierra SDK drivers. Could you check either hardware address for MC7430 was detected by system ? Sorry, I’m not fluent on linux OS (beginner). I would suggest if you could try another machine running Windows OS because USB to mPCI-E adapter is universal. Please be careful this module (MC/EM series) has an errors detection where after six (6) times hardware reset then that module brought up at “Boot and Hold” mode which means waiting for firmware flash in order to normal bring up.

Thanks for your help.
Any help for the reviewing the schematics from your HW experts ?
Thanks again.