Mc7455 not detect on windows 10

i have bought mc7455 and i installed it on mini PCIE and its not detecting at all
i installed it on many pc and different brands and still not detect
i tried to upgrade the firmware and it tells its not detect.
i need solution for it or the card is already dead on arrival.


do you see anything in device manager?

nothing showing in device manger

If there is no activity in USB, then probably it is dead.

do you have linux machine?
At least you should see something in dmesg:

[85458.338637] usb 3-3: Product: Sierra Wireless MC7430 Qualcomm\xffffffc2\xffffffae\xffffffae Snapdragon\xffffffe2\xffffff84\xffffffa2\xffffff84\xffffffa2 X7 LTE-A

Hi @itu,
The module must not be plugged into a port that supports PCI Express—the pin is used by a PCIE signal, which can cause the module to be in reset state or occasionally reset. This information is described in the Product Specification MC7455 at the link (page #25). Please refer to it for more details
Please share if you have any concerns

hi @Vianney

Thanks for your replay, sorry for late on reply back.

Our mini PCI-E interface is compatible with USB 2.0 and Sierra MC7355 is work perfectly on Windows7 on the same PC but not working on windows10.

please advice, is there any interface/ protocol difference between this modules.

How i could make MC7455 works - detect?


Hi @itu ,
You may need to do more steps on the MC7455 pinout in the PTS and compare it with the pinout of your mini-PCIE slots. They are almost incompatible if you are using standard laptop slots. Your problem is similar the topic below. You can refer to it for more detail
MC7455 Not Detected - Ubuntu18.04 - Embedded wireless modules / MC/EM Series - Sierra Wireless Forum

Hello @Vianney

Thanks for your reply, and thanks to @dl5162

its working if i put tape on the following pins (23,25,31,33).

put how to make it permanent solution without damage the card.

is there any AT command that block it?

Or shall i remove the pins with heater, or any kind of tool or there is specific paint that can be permanent and not remove or damage by heat since its rugged pc and it will be placed outdoor inside the pc.

thanks for your support.

Yes. there is now: What is the AT command to change the USB speed? - #2 by dl5162