MC7455: Get PIN status


I tried to get the PIN status of the SIM connected to the MC7455 device via the SDK.
On an older SDK, there was a function to do this (UIMGetPINStatus) but on the SLQS04.00.10.1 SDK, I didn’t find a function to get the PIN status.

Do you have a solution for this?

Thanks in advance

How about SLQSUIMGetCardStatus()?

As refer to SwiApiReference.pdf in SLQS04.00.15.bin.tar.gz ULONG UIMGetPINStatus
Gets the status of the SIM PINs. This API is deprecated on MC73xx/EM73xx/WP76xx modules since firmware version SWI9X15C_05_xx_xx_xx, all EM74xx and WP76xx firmware versions. Please use API SLQSUIMGetCardStatus() for new firmware versions and new modules.

Hope it helps.

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