Check UPIN Status via SLQSUIMGetCardStatus problem

Hello guys,

in an embedded linux application we are already using the MC7304 and now we want to evaluate the mc7455.
We have a c written modem control-sw which is using the slqsdk api.
In that sw we requesting the pin-status of the inserted card, and here we have a problem with the mc7455.
If we issue the “SLQSUIMGetCardStatus” command, the response contains a invalid pin-status (0, unknown).
At the opposite a AT+CPIN returns the correct READY state.

The old modem is using the UIMGetPinStatus which is working for the MC7304, but the MC7455 returns QMI invalid command so we have to use the newer command.

I think here is something broken in the SDK.
Please help…
thank you!

I don’t see problem with MC7430 FW SWI9X30C_02.24.03.00 with SLQS04.00.13.
I can see SLQSUIMGetCardStatus() returning “State of the Card : 1”.


i’m using the MC7455 FW SWI9X30C_02.30.03.00 r7804 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2018/07/25 01:10:04.
With the sdk version SLQS04.00.18.
Im getting s_GetCardStatus.pCardStatus->numSlot = 1
and CardSlot (0) state: 1, pinstate: 0, errorstate: 0
Card state: 1 means present but pinstate: 0 means unknown.

But i can make data-connections and receive the phone-no etc…

I gave it a try with sdk version 04.00.12 but still no luck.

how about seeing the appStatus inside structure cardStatus?
There is pin1State inside structure appStatus.