MC7455 driver support for kernel

Does GobiNet drivers of MC7455 support for kernel version 4.8 ?
If so can you let me know the location and the driver version I need to get to support it.


Have a good day. I’ve MC7455 installed on DELL E7240 running Ubuntu 17.4 and looks running fine with Sierra SDK drivers from below website. … 00,-d-,07/

Thanks for the info!

May I ask how many MC7455 you connected to your DELL E7240? Are all of them working well?


I’ve three (3) modules where two (2) MC7455 and one (1) EM7455 modules and currently tested on DELL 7250 and LENOVO X220/X220T running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Ubuntu 17.04 (dual boot). On DELL 7240 I’ve tested for MC/EM7455 (internal + m.2 to mPCIe) and for LENOVO X220/X220T where both are installed using mPCIe to USB converter.