MC7455 laptop compatibility

Can anyone advise regarding what laptops an Sierra MC7455 card is compatible with? I have several Dells including an e6230 and e6330 and “in theory” I think it should work in the mini pcie slot but I cant find any info regarding what laptops/hardware are compatible with this card. I found some marketing info which suggests some Lenovos, but no specifics. I’d like to upgrade from my current 100mbps mini pcie cellular card to the 300mbps that the MC7455 provides but I’m not going to get one unless I’m pretty sure it will work. In my experience user feedback/experience beats everything else. Thanks.


I believe you should check based on respective specification because not all old DELL laptop models are compatible with EM/MC7455. I’ve EM/MC7455 modules where installed internally on DELL E7270 and E7240. I’ve another MC7304 module where installed on LENOVO X220/X220T and suitable for DELL E7240.