MC7354 Crashes while idle

I have an MC7354 that keeps crashing on an embedded Linux system. Basically the sequence is initialize the module, place a call to get connected, enable eth0 to get internet access, and then go into an idle mode waiting for an event to happen. If I do not do anything, it will crash after 10-15 minutes with an skb_panic bug. If I access the internet every ten minutes, it will stay up longer (last time was 90 minutes). One thing I did notice was that even though my code is not doing anything to access the internet, I am getting thousands of bytes of data received and transmitted. I do have an older version of the sdk (03.03.03). Has anyone else seen this?


Just out of interest, do you have a ‘routable’ ip address on your sim card?

If you do, you may be getting hammered by port scanners looking for open ports on your device interface/network. Making the assumption that you are running Linux on your embedded pc, I would seriously look at getting iptables going to attempt to block inbound connections (or at least log if access attempts are happening).

Ciao, Dave