MC7455 device crashing and other issues

Hello, I’ve recently been having some issues with my MC7455. It has trouble staying powered on, and will now randomly crash for seemingly no reason. I can tell it is the MC7455 itself crashing, since the reconnect script I have set up on ROOter doesn’t even get a chance to kick in.

Not only is it having that issue, but I also can’t issue an RMARESET. Any value I use for AT!RMARESET will lead to the 7455 instantly turning off, and taking a couple of minutes to come back on. Which leads me to believe the firmware might have been corrupted or something. But flashing a new firmware image doesn’t seem to help.

MC7455 is very stable. I’ve never seen repeated crashes.
check the crashdump with at!gcdump
if there is no crashdump I’d check the power.
I could be that the modem is resetting due to poor power.
Can you replicate the issue with a Sierra devkit & external power source?

at!gcdump doesn’t return any crashes in the crashlog.
I don’t think it is resetting due to poor power, as nothing has really changed about the setup itself… and that still doesn’t explain why it turns off when running at!rmareset. And it powers off every 1-5 minutes.

at!pcvolt? returns 3.324 volts.

Another strange thing is that on QMI mode, it takes about 1-2 minutes to power back on. On MBIM, it takes 10 seconds like normal.

Sadly, I do not have a devkit to test this with, I’m using a Mini PCIe USB enclosure.

Powercycle clears At!gcdump

Monitor the current time and reset counter in at!gstatus?

Modem uptime resets to 0 when the modem is reset or powecycled.
Reset counter resets to 1 only when the modem is powercycled.
======= in this example: 147secs passed since the last reset ,so the modem reset once since it was powercycled
Current Time: 147 Temperature: 26
Reset Counter: 2

Also check the at!pcinfo?
Syslog reveals anything when the modem is reset?

The strange thing is, it works a bit differently depending on if it’s in MBIM or QMI mode.
In MBIM, the reset counter will tick up, and the timer is reset.
In QMI however, the reset counter stays at 1… yet the online timer keeps going up and doesn’t reset, despite the device seemingly powering off for two minutes. I’m trying to gather more info as well.

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