MC7455 crash


I’m using MC7455 with MBPL R28. Lately, I’ve seen several crashes of that module. We used to use these modems with Linux QMI SDK but I don’t recall having this kind of behavior then. Could there be some incompatibility issue related to MBPL release? I was able to capture the crash log of the modem. Does that give any hint of what’s going on?

br, Sami

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: MC7455
Revision: SWI9X30C_02.33.03.00 r8209 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2019/08/28 20:59:30
MEID: 35907206079147
IMEI: 359072060791478
FSN: LQ714741610110


Src: FatalError
File: lte_ml1_mcvs.c
Line: 2050
Str: Assert 0 failed:
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Task: ML1
Time: 00DE8C04
R0: EC902000 R1: D2D1ED81 R2: 34D293FD R3: 0102F075 R4: 000034D2
R5: 00000000 R6: 000000F0 R7: 00000000 R8: 0102F075 R9: 00000000
R10: 00000002 R11: 59FAB856 R12: 00000102 R13: 00000000 R14: 00000001
R15: 00000000 R16: 05562BF0 R17: 00000000 R18: 00000000 R19: 04A93A98
R20: 129E3290 R21: 00000000 R22: 00000000 R23: 00000000 R24: 00000000
R25: 00000000 R26: 00000000 R27: 00000000 R28: 00000001 SP: 129E31C0
FP: 129E31C8 LR: 0212DD88
PC: 01B8D5D4
CPSR: 00000000
Mod: Unknown
129E31E0 0212DDC8 038894E0 04A93A98 00000000 04A93AE8 129E31F8
01B8D5D4 00000010 04A93A98 04A93AE8 00000000 129E3210 01B9197C
00000010 04A93A98 04A93AE8 00000000 129E3258 01B6E0E0 00000F50
129E3264 03868D80 04A93AE8 129E3250 018D7140 00000000 00000000
129E3290 00000000 129E3290 00000000
App ver: SWI9X30C_02.33.03.00


This is fixed in SWI9X30C_02.38.00.00

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll update my module and see how it works. One question, though. Can you tell if this problem is somehow related to use of MBPL? Because we have been using MC7455 modules for quite some time and I don’t recall having this kind of issue when QMI SDK was in use.

br, Sami

currently i don’t think so, you can make some test on this new FW first