MC7304 Network Card


I have a MC7305 modem into my HandHeld Algiz X10 device with Windows 8 Pro. (x64)
After some problems during file download, I tried to install last modem Drivers “AirPrime MC73xx/MC77xx Series Windows Drivers QMI build 4277”

Now, after drivers update, in my Windows 8 “Device Manager” I can’t find any “Modem device” but only a MC7304 “Network card Adapter”

I need a Modem device to start Dial-In connections or for sending AT commands.
How can I send commands to the Modem if I can’t see it as Modem or serial port?

The installation of old drivers, doesn’t solve the problem.

Thank you in advance and excuse me for english

Anyone can Help me?

I assume this is the problem discussed here:

The additional Windows driver install options mentioned there might help?

Thank you very much, you saved me