MC7304 Firmware Update and Low Power Mode

Hey everyone,

I currently need to switch our software over from the MC7710 to the MC7304.

I hope someone can help me out on two small questions:

1) Firmware Update

The current MC7304 I have reports the following firmware:
SWI9X15C_05.05.02.00 r19147 carmd-fwbuild1 2013/11/15 13:54:28

The AT Command Reference Rev. 2 of the device mentions that AT!GVER and AT!VERBT should be supported since Feb 2014. In the example of the command the following firmware is shown:

“SWI9X15C_05.05.11.00 r19942 carmd-fwbuild1 2014/01/08 22:36:58”

Looks like its a newer release than I have. My version tells me “NOT IMPLEMENTED” on AT!GVER. I checked on the webpage for firmware updates of the MC7304 but could not find any. Is someone able to point me to the firmware 05.05.11 for the MC7304?

2) Low Power Mode

On the MC7710 I was able to set a custom parameter “startlpm” via:

This flag caused the MC7710 to always start up in low power mode. I could not find any related parameter on the MC7304. I tried CFUNPERSIST but that does not actually do the same as “STARTLPM”. I simply have to somehow tell the MC7304 to always come up with AT+CFUN=0. Is there any way to do that?

Thanks for any help!


Hi Tom,

For the AT command in concerns, apparently those !GVER command is not implemented in FW version running in your module. But the AT response for !GVER/AT!GVERBT is more or less same as +GMR, so I think you can simply use +GMR before FW upgrade.

For firmware, please contact your FAE/distributor to obtain it for time being.

For Low power mode, you are right, “STARTLPM” option is not supported in MC7304.
Can you please try using QMI API SetPower() with option 6 - Persistent low power (airplane) mode along with !CFUNPERSISTEN=0, in this case module will always start in airplane mode and stay there until you request AT+CFUN=1.

Hope this helps.