MC7304 firmware upgrade (Linux/ARM)


I have been updating my MC7304 boards via Linux (on Hummingboard Gate), and it seems that the command “fwdldarm” does not exit, even if it seems that the upgrade has finished and everything is ok.

INFO: Running with device in boot and hold mode
INFO: Path: /tmp/
INFO: Device Type( 0,1,2,3->9x00,9x15,9x30,G3K ): 1

Downloading Firmware…
<here I do ctrl+c to exit>

When I check manually from AT command I can see that the status is “SUCCESS”.


From dmesg printout I can see that the USB devices has been identified OK, and everything is fine.

But still, the command “fwdldarm” will continue printing it’s dots until I cancel it with crtl+c, and therefor I will never get the result code of the “fwdldarm”.

Anyone seen same kind of issues?


Did you try with ‘MC7xxx_Image_Management’?? is it successful?


I am experiencing the same symptom too. I can not update firmware of the MC7350 in linux using the fwdl app or Image_management utility. FW update attempts were tested and failed on MIPS 24ek and i386 platforms. Yet, using the windows FW update util it would work fine.

Rex_alex, is there anyway you can assist me? if so, please provide your direct phone number or email address. thank you