mangOH can't ping a remote server but pings internet

Hi all! I’m trying to write a mqtt app but it doesn’t work for socket errors. So I did an experiment:
I have Mosquitto server (but it could be also another server) installed on windows of another PC and from my Ubuntu I can ping (seeing the connection attempt on the other side):
But if I repeat the same operation from my mangOH nothing happens:
It’s a normal thing? Should my mangOH be configured on a door? Because at this point it’s really not clear to me what I’m wrong. Should I config anything such as the file /etc/resolv.conf?
I want to clarify that my mangOH is on Internet (also with WiFi and Data) so that I can ping google

Hi @ga.imparato,

  • Which module are you using for the mangOH?(WP7607 for example)
  • I see that the remote server has 10.10.X.X IP. Is it under an internal network? You can ping the server from the PC because the PC and the server are same network.
  • Are you using a real cellular network or simulator cellular network? If real, you cannot ping to the server (under local network) from the external IP
  • If simulator cellular network, please make sure you have the routing from the server to that network
    Please share if you have any concerns. Help us tick “Solution” if it is useful. It might help someone getting same question
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The cellular connectivity connects your mangOH to Internet, indeed. Meaning that your local network (10.x.x.x) is unreachable. If you’re using a Wifi connection from the mangOH to connect your local network, make sure that all packets are routed to this connection and not to the cellular network still. Your other option is to host your moskito server in the cloud or a public server, so that it can be reached from Internet.

Also, please note that mangOH community has a dedicated forum there: ← feel free to reach out!

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@thibs hat’s was the solution. Thank you all for the support

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