Mosquitto+AirVatage+MqttClient on mangOH Green with wp7607?

Hi :grinning:
I’m working for the first time with mangOH green.
I am having a little difficulty in understanding how communication with Mosquitto MQTT broker works. In particular, I did not understand how to send messages and especially how to program and put together the three elements:

  • Mosquitto
  • MqttClient based on Paho
  • AirVantage (which could be used as a broker?).
    Could you by any chance be kind enough to explain to me how these elements interact with each other? Have I to work in the paho-based folder?
    GitHub - mangOH/MqttClient at use_paho_linux_version

I installed Mosquitto on my virtual machine, I also made some small pub / sub applications, but I really don’t know how to use it in a larger project. I also registered my mangOH device on AirVantage. I would also be very happy if you knew of any tutorials. Thank you very much for your attention and again sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi ga.imparato,

AirVantage (which could be used as a broker?).

As I know, AirVantage exposes an MQTT broker on port 1883.

There is also an tutorial published in Airvantage page. Could you take a look at it?


It seems not too difficult to use, also if my supervisors recommended me Mosquitto broker: could be also simple to use it?